Craftsman Brand Guide

The Craftsman brand is an American icon with thousands of products that have represented the very best in tools for decades.

Brand Identity

Characteristics that epitomize the Craftsman brand include:
  • Durable: Built to last a lifetime. And then some.
  • Trusted: Relied upon for generations to deliver innovative products that outperform and outlast the competition.
  • Reliable: Craftsman performs when and where you need it. Worth Paying For. Backed by a solid warranty, the Craftsman brand delivers products unparalleled in performance and quality.
  • Iconic: A celebrated history has cemented Craftsman as an American legend.
  • Innovative: On the pulse of change with bold, smart features.

Voice and Tone

Brand Tone

Strong and confident, versatile, inspirational and clever — but not forced. Trusted for decades, but with a hint of modernity, Craftsman refuses to dwell in the past and instead chooses to look forward. The Craftsman brand is driven by a pioneering spirit and an unrivaled commitment to quality. Standing for ingenuity, strength and superior performance, the Craftsman brand is also characterized by its durability, trustworthiness, iconic status, and innovation.
We are:
  • Enduring
  • Trusted
  • Authentic
  • Innovative
We are not:
  • Temporary
  • Mediocre
  • Pretentious
  • Stale

Copy regarding the Craftsman Logo

Primary Lockup

We use or logo in two ways: the logo placed white and the logo placed on black.

Primary Logo on White
Primary Logo on Black

Made to Make Logos

We believe we’re all born to create, make and shape. To build amazing, incredible things. Because this is bigger than just a hobby – it’s our birthright. It’s an urge to build something out of nothing and through innovation, trust and value, craft a legacy that endures. Bridging the gap between what Makers have and what they're capable of achieving, Craftsman® fuels the fire by making “making” happen and helping today's "Makers" focus on their passions. And not just because we want to. It's what we were made to do. So get a Craftsman tool in your hand and get out there. Because just like you, we're Made to Make.

Minimum Safety

Clear space is defined as the area around the logo which is kept free from any 2D graphics or 3D design elements including material breaks and parting lines.
Determining Clear Space
Calculate the “X” dimension. “X” = The distance between the inside edge of the outer frame of the CRAFTSMAN® logo, to the left edge of the letter “C” in the CRAFTSMAN logotype (as indicated by the blue square). The “X” dimension applied to all four corners defines the clear space area. This is the minimum clearance around the brandmark. Whenever possible, allow more space so the logo has the prominence it deserves.

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility and detail, our logo should appear no smaller than the measurements indicated below.

Minimum Size for Digital

Minimum size: 72px wide (@72 dpi)

Other Logo Guidelines

Below are examples of how the CRAFTSMAN® logo/brandmark should not be used.

No bridging of multicolored backgrounds. Logo must appear on single-color, material, texture only.

Logo should never be removed from surrounding frame.

Logo colors may not be interchanged.

Logo must always have its border.

Logo colors may not be interchanged. Logo must be on a solid background.

No black logo (lettering) with a red field or background color.

No black text with white outline.

Logo must always have its border.

Color Palette


Online Only- Primary Colors

Craftsman Black


Craftsman Gray


Secondary Colors

Craftsman Background Red


90% Black


Accent Colors

Craftsman Logo Red



Craftsman Brand Font: United Sans

The United Sans typeface family provides a consistent look to the Craftsman brand identity. Please note that Craftsman packaging has its own set of font usage guidelines.
  • Headlines:Headlines should be typeset in United Sans Black and uppercase.
  • Subheads:Subheadlines should be typeset in United Sans Medium and uppercase.
  • Kearning:All characters must be optically adjusted, especially at large point sizes (i.e., headlines).
  • Leading:Ensure that type doesn't overlap or touch. Two points leading from the font size.

Arial Regular

For instances that require longer copy or pages of information, use Arial Regular to improve legibility. Leading should be two points higher than the actual point size of the font. Ideal Kerning is set at point 0 with flexibility to extend 20 points up or down.


Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography highlights the brand spirit and personality, celebrating challenges that the Craftsman® consumer takes on proudly. Choose photography that reflects this pride and determination. The feel of Craftsman photography is bold and rich, but with a bit of grit — there is a good deal of contrast and detail, but photos should not appear too "slick," glossy or overly photoshopped. When shooting products in an environment, choose a setting that tells a category-specific story about the "maker" and is relatable to the consumer. Use natural lighting when possible and choose authentic props. Do not create an overly stylized environment. Models should always be in profile, focused on their tool and the task at hand, never looking directly at camera.

Brand Compliance

Deanna Gaughan

    Manager, Brand Management


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    Where is the repository for the Craftsman lifestyle photography?

    1. Lindsay Boland

      Hi Leo! Thank you for contacting us! The Sears Pattern Library hosts a subset of brand content that is most widely used by our team here at SHC. If you are interested in receiving more Brand information (including lifestyle photography) you can contact the Brand Manager, Jeff Klimek.

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