Kenmore Brand Guidelines

The Kenmore brand is putting our appliances to the test to bring you trusted performance.

Voice and Tone

Brand Tone

We are:
  • a trusted and reliable leader, cool under pressure, the one you can rely on to stand the “test of life‚” your ally when it comes to life’s challenges.
  • found in real moments, in real homes, with real multi-generational, multi-cultural families.
  • a little edgy. The smart one, with a sense of humor that is sharp, witty—fun.
  • industry acknowledged for its innovations with numerous prestigious awards.
We don't:
  • think that respect arises from arrogance or an overly serious attitude. Kenmore® is not about innovation for the sake of innovation.
  • overly stylize or are “so hip it hurts.” “Poser” is a word you would never associate with Kenmore®.
  • sound silly, sarcastic, aloof, juvenile, contrived or too cool.

The Kenmore® badge logo is used when pure brand recognition is the goal. The graphite badge is the primary logo for Kenmore brand. Designed with dimensionality, modern typography, dynamic waves and brushed metal finish –all symbolizing the rich heritage and continuing innovation of the Kenmore brand and products. Refer the the brand guidelines for proper logo usage and adherence standards.

Primary Kenmore Badge
Primary Badge
Secondary Badges

The Kenmore black badge logo should only be used in Kenmore digital applications such as Any other usage must be approved by the Kenmore Product Development Design team.

Sub-Brand Badges

The Kenmore brand comprises three separate sub-brands: Kenmore, Kenmore Elite and Kenmore Pro.

Wave Position

Never move the position of the wave. Only use approved art. The position of the wave is unique to each logo.

Minimum Safety

Retain a space of 0.25x the width and height around the logo, clear of any additional elements.
Primary Badge

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility and detail, our logo should appear no smaller than the measurements indicated below.
Minimum high resolution logo size:

Minimum size: 5/8" in height
Minimum low resolution logo size:

Minimum size: 3/8" in height

Other Logo Guidelines

Here are some uses of the Kenmore brand logo that are not permitted. No exceptions. Any usage other than that provided by these guidelines is incorrect. These examples apply to both high-resolution and low-resolution versions of the logos.

Don’t create a gradient inside

Don’t create an outlined version

Don’t add drop shadows

Don’t apply any effects

Don’t create two-color versions

Don’t create a color version

Don’t rotate

Don’t place on top of a photograph

Don’t place a black logo on a dark color

Don’t horizontally or vertically scale

Don’t create new logos from existing elements

Don’t reposition the wave


Kenmore® has various logo marks and badges that can be used for different marketing scenarios; however, the wordmark remains consistent in all of them. The Kenmore wordmark is the secondary logo option to use in applications whereas the Kenmore badge may not be best represented. The Kenmore wordmark and name are Registered Trademarks. They must always be accompanied with the appropriate ® notification when used on non-product applications.
Primary Wordmark

Primary Wordmark with Tagline

The preferred logo to be used in all printed and digital communications is the Kenmore brand wordmark with the “trusted performance” tagline. The trusted performance tagline has been designed in a lock up with the Kenmore wordmark. This may not be altered or changed. The trusted performance tagline may not be combined with the Kenmore badge or any other logo.

Color Palette

Primary Colors



Light Gray


Medium Gray


Dark Gray


Brand Accent Color



Background Colors




Twentieth Century MT for Kenmore

A proprietary font has been created for Kenmore brand. Consistent use establishes a recognizable brand presence across all Kenmore brand communications, product graphics and interfaces.

  • Headlines:Headlines should be typeset in all lowercase. The exception to the rule is when the word “Kenmore” appears in the headline.
  • Subheads:Subheads should be consistent across a single campaign but should always appear in the custom Kenmore brand font. The examples provided below are shown in the order of preference.
  • Kearning:All characters must be optically adjusted, especially at large point sizes (i.e., headlines).
  • Leading:Leading should never be so tight that ascenders and descenders touch.
  • Ligatures:Ligatures should be reviewed on a case- by-case basis. They are built into the custom font to bring in an element of personality.

Helvetica Neue

When using Twentieth Century MT for Kenmore is not ideal, for example on digital pieces where heavy content is involved, Helvetica Neue may be used for body copy. Whenever possible, Helvetica Neue should not be used in headlines or subheads.

Accent Fonts
At times, accent fonts may be pulled in to add personality for special initiatives. Accent fonts should be used sparingly and should complement the primary brand fonts. The following accent fonts have been used in Kenmore brand communications:
  • Sudestada
  • Presse
  • Sketchblock


When using photography or shooting videos, Kenmore® images should feel warm and relatable. Use this guideline for castings, shooting models/products and stock photography. In general, people should look candid, as if they are caught mid-conversation. Be aware of the target audiences – gear towards family lifestyle shots.

Our products should be naturally integrated in “the course of life” in an engaging and believable way.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography features the imperfect, real-life challenges that we are faced with every day. It’s not the Stepford Wives...think a household full of unexpected guests, or the 8 a.m. rush hour in the kitchen. Choose photography that captures these real-life moments.

Product Photography
There are three viewpoints used in product photography: a 3⁄4 view, profile shot and product detail. Bright, clean lighting, strong reflections, shine and (when applicable) unique product posing all work together to portray Kenmore® products as modern, high quality and premium. Functional elements such as displays, LEDs, lighting, or other indicators should be ‘on’ to show the product ‘alive’.

Brand Compliance

Jeff Klimek

    Director of Design and Visual Identity


  1. Leo Kosir

    Where is the repository for the Kenmore lifestyle photography?

    1. Lindsay Boland

      Hi Leo! Thank you for contacting us! The Sears Pattern Library hosts a subset of brand content that is most widely used by our team here at SHC. If you are interested in receiving more Brand information (including lifestyle photography) you can contact the Brand Manager, Jeff Klimek (Jeff has information on both Craftsman and Kenmore).

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