Kenmore Wordmark Guidelines

Primary Wordmark

The Kenmore wordmark is the secondary logo option to use in applications whereas the Kenmore badge may not be best represented. The Kenmore wordmark and name are Registered Trademarks. They must always be accompanied with the appropriate ® notification when used on non-product applications.

Primary Wordmark
Primary Wordmark Reversed

For use on black or dark gray backgrounds.

Secondary Wordmark

The trusted performance tagline has been designed in a lock up with the Kenmore wordmark. This may not be altered or changed. The trusted performance tagline may not be combined with the Kenmore badge or any other logo.
Secondary Wordmark
Secondary Wordmark Reversed

For use on black or dark gray backgrounds.

Minimum Safety

Retain a space of .25x the width and height around the wordmark, clear of any additional elements. “x” is defined as the height of the “K” in Kenmore.
Primary Wordmark
Secondary Wordmark
Secondary Wordmark- Horizontal

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility and detail, our wordmark should appear no smaller than the measurements indicated below.
Primary Wordmark

Minimum size: 5/8" in width

Secondary Workmark

Minimum size: 11/16" in width

Minimum size: 1-3/4" in width

Other Wordmark Guidelines

  • The wordmark should never be altered in any manner.
  • The spacing between each character defines the wordmark. Never try to keystroke the wordmark as text. Always use the wordmark art file.
  • These are guidelines for printed and digital applications of the wordmark. Do not use these guidelines for product wordmark applications.
  • The ® should always be on the baseline of the wordmark with the exact spacing from the last letter “e” in Kenmore.
  • The ® should always scale with the Kenmore horizontal logo as it is part of this wordmark option.
  • Use in the colors indicated above depending on the background color. Kenmore, when not used as headline art must always be one tone/color.
  • The colors specified above should be first choice, but it is acceptable to use the Kenmore horizontal wordmark option in Kenmore gray if needed.
  • A fifty percent screen of PMS 425 gray can also be used on the graphite background color.
  • Do not bend, skew, distort or curve wordmark.

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