Made to Make Guidelines

Bridging the gap between what Makers have and what they're capable of, Craftsman® fuels the fire by making “making” happen and helping today's "Makers" focus on their passions.

Primary Logo

The logo is a valuable brand asset, that at-a-glance, infuses the Craftsman brand with an entrepreneurial, actionable vibe. This logo is for use over all dark backgrounds.

Reversed Logo Lock-up

The logo is for use over all light backgrounds.
One-Color Logo Lock-up

Only use this version of the logo when the full color version is not an option.

Minimum Safety

The space marked X is the minimum space that must be maintained around the "Made to Make" logo lockup in all cases.

Minimum Size

The full logo lockup may not appear smaller than .75" wide to ensure legibility of the “Made to Make” wordmark.


ITC Franklin Gothic

The Franklin Gothic typeface is reserved for brand initiatives leveraging the Made to Make campaign. It does not replace the existing Craftsman® brand fonts.

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