Sears Brand Guidelines

With Sears you can always count on getting more. There are more ways to pay for what you want and more convenient ways to get it.

Voice and Tone

Brand Tone

Through a century of delivering value and quality, Sears has earned an emotional connection to American households. Their households may be less traditional, more multicultural, far-flung and busier than in the past, but they still embody the classic American values on which Sears was built. We will continue to assert those values in a tone that amplifies who we are. That is always friendly, conversational, and never condescending. That inspires with a can-do attitude and sense of optimism in the face of any challenge.

See also the Sears copywriting standards for brand voice.

We are always:
  • Practical
  • Innovative
  • Authentic
  • Smart
  • Honest
  • Optimistic
  • Friendly
  • Witty
  • Trustworthy
  • Stylish
  • Genuine
  • Conversational
We are never:
  • Flashy
  • Crude
  • Slick
  • Frivolous
  • Silly
  • Esoteric
  • Juvenile

The principle Sears visual asset identifies our iconic brand. It is featured prominently and in protected space. The Sears logo should never be locked up with other logos, lockups or messages. It should be present in all Sears communications where the brand is not self evident.

Primary Lockup

Online, for readability reasons, we do not use "R/TM" (Registered/TradeMark) and we thin it slightly. We use color #003980 (see Color Palette)

Print Logo
Sears Optical Logo Primary Stacked
Online Logo
Sears Optical Logo Primary Stacked

One Color Lockups

In cases where color selection is more limited and Sears Blue is not available, a black Sears Logo is acceptable. The Sears Logo may also reverse to white on a black background.
One Color Logo
Sears Optical Logo Primary Stacked
One Color Logo Reversed
Sears Optical Logo Primary Stacked

Minimum Safety

A minimum of the space equaling the height of our logo should be maintained around our logo at all times.

Business Logos

Requests for new business logos need to be approved by the Licensed Business unit and developed by the Sears Creative Services team. All approved licensed business unit logos can be found on the SHC DAM. Please contact Ann Trancygier if you require further assistance.
Stacked Lockup
One-Line Lockup

Other Logo Guidelines

Here are common examples of Sears Logo misuse. Please make every effort to understand our Logo Guidelines and avoid misuse of our brand identity assets.

Do use the correct Sears logo.

Do use the correct clearspace around our logo when setting text or information nearby.

Do use the correct clearspace around our logo when placing on a page.


Do not set type under our logo as a tagline that could be misconstrued as brand positioning. Messaging near our logo should never appear locked up.

Do not change our logo color.

Do not alter our logo in any way.

Do not crop our logo in any way.

Do not set type too close to, or overlapping our logo.

Color Palette


Primary Colors

Sears Brand Blue


Sears Light Blue


Sears Medium Blue


Sears Dark Blue


Secondary Colors

Sears Dark Gray


Sears Light Gray


Sears Background White




Open Sans
  • Should be used for all HTML text including headlines
  • Should be used for promotional body copy and long form copy in images

  • Should be used for promotional headlines in images



Lifestyle Photography
Candid and natural, not posed or staged. Should reflect real-life Member Moments. Lifestyle photography is intended to create an emotional connection. Shot seasonally and used in brand advertising and seasonal campaigns. This differs from standardized business unit photography, which is shot on white background and used in more promotional advertising channels and applications.
  • Situations: Believable scenarios, real-life situations. Members enjoying, benefitting from or having a positive experience while using our product.
  • Environments: Middle-class America – should be within target member demo. i.e., not palatial or grandiose setting.
  • Propping/Styling: Only use Sears product for props; should be seasonally appropriate and complementary, not distracting.
  • Models: Ethnically diverse, middle-class America

Product Photography
Typically shot on white background and used in more promotional advertising channels and applications.
Standardized photography guidelines vary by business unit. Please contact the business unit directly for a copy of their standardized photography style guide.

The Print & TV Styleguide has been adapted for online (above). View Sears Print & TV Styleguide (PDF)

Download Sears Print & TV Brand Bundle (.zip)

Brand Compliance

Dominick Lewis

    Creative Director

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