Common Words to Know – Copywriting Standards

Some words are sub-brands of Sears, while others have a particular standard for how they should be communicated online. This list is designed to help avoid common pitfalls. This is how each of these words should look when shown.


  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Store Pickup
    • You can arrange for FREE Store Pickup (one word) at a Sears near you, but then you must go to pick up (two words) in store.
  • FREE Shipping
  • Family & Friends Event
  • Gift It by Email
    • a program that allows members to buy and send a gift with an email address
  • In-Store
  • Layaway
    • is always capitalized
  • LocalAd
    • is one word, no spaces, and the A in Ad is capitalized
  • Location
  • MAXEligible
    • an item eligible for free shipping with a MAX membership.
  • Pay-in-Store
  • Protection Agreements
    • always shown in Title Case
  • Reserve It
  • ZIP Code
    • ZIP and C are always capital, and they always appear together

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