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Shop Your Way is our loyalty program that helps members earn points, get exclusive coupons and save money when they shop.

You can learn more about SW in our member education pages:

Here’s a very simple look at some of the components of our loyalty program:

• Shop Your Way (SYW) vs Sears / Kmart
Shop Your Way (SYW) is an umbrella loyalty program for multiple stores. Sears and Kmart are two of those stores.

• Membership
To become a member, users must sign in or join and provide a valid email address. There is no fee for membership.

The benefits of Membership include:

  • Earn & Redeem Points when you shop
  • Get Member pricing on select products. The member price is shown in orange.
  • Get member-exclusive coupons, deals and special offers
  • Become a VIP (Silver, Gold, Platinum) to get special benefits

• Shop Your Way MAX is a separate shipping program. For $39 a year (or a free 30-day trial) members can get free two-day shipping on tons of Sold by Sears, Sold by Kmart items and free standard shipping on millions more.

• Shop Your Way Rewards Partners helps members earn more points when they link their MasterCard or Visa.

• Use your Sears card when you shop Sears and Kmart to earn more points.


Shop Your Way Point Types
There are three main types of purchase-based SYW points:

1. Base Points
Earn 10 points for every $1 spent.

2. Bonus Points
All points earned above the base rate of 10 points per $1 spent. Bonus point offers vary. Points have 90-day expiration.

Offer examples

  • Earn 2x the points when you try Shop Your Way MAX
  • Buy 4 tires and get back $10 in bonus points

3. Surprise
Point offers you can redeem on today’s order. Offers are whole house (ex: items Sold by Sears or Sold by Kmart), threshold based (ex: spend $50) and/or category based (ex: in Tools). Promotions run for 7-14 days each. Points expire when offer is over.

4. Non-Purchase Based
Earned from card linking program, Sweepstakes, writing product reviews, completing an activity card, etc. 


Shop Your Way Offer Types

  • Fixed Points
    • Members earn a pre-determined amount of points
  • Multiplier
    • Members earn a multiple of the normal 10 points per $1 spent
  • Threshold
    • Members earn points after meeting certain spend conditions
  • Spend & Get
    • Spend a qualifying amount and get extra points to spend for a limited time
  • Surprise Points (Liquidity)
    • Receive a fixed about of points to redeem within a limited amount of time. Offer could include category restriction.
  • Member Choice
    • Members choose between receiving a markdown or earning points
  • Rx Acquisition
    • Variant of multiplier offer used to drive prescription transfers
  • Sears Card Offers
    • Steady state (points back) throughout the year and Holiday Signature Choice Offer (choose points or money)
  • Buy, Buy, Get
    • But this and that and get points

Some offers are item level
Example: Buy a Craftsman Miter Saw and get back $10 in points

Some offers are category level
Example: Buy in Tools and get back $10 in points

Some offers are order level
Example: Get $10 back in points when you spend $50


Points expiration dates vary” is important legal language anytime we show points or offers.

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