Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Libraries

Please note that the content in the CC Libraries only reflect the elements that are currently in the Global CSS. For those patterns in the Coming Soon section that you might want to do explorations with, there are individual PSD files on those pages.

How Do I Download the Libraries?

  1. Click the link for the library that you would like to download.
  2. The link should open a new internet browser window which brings you to the Adobe CC library page. Before clicking download, make sure you are logged into Adobe CC online. You can do this by clicking the log-in button in the upper right hand corner. Please log-in using your SHC email address. It will then redirect you to a SHC page where you are to enter your SHC enterprise id and password.
  3. Once logged in, click 'Save to Creative Cloud.'
  4. Once you have received the confirmation that it has been added to your CC account, return back to Photoshop.
  5. To view the libraries in your toolbar, go to Window > Libraries. This should place it into your right-hand toolbar for use.

How Do I Relink the Assets in the Library?

  1. Once you have downloaded a new version of a library, delete the previous version.
  2. Open a PSD that has a previous UI element in it. You'll notice that instead of the smart object symbol that you will have a red alert on the layer.
  3. Click the Layer. Then go to the menu bar and go to Layer > Smart Objects > Relink to Library Graphic > Select Graphic you would like to relink.
  4. Once you relink the graphic, you'll notice that it will update to the latest version of the element.

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