Alerts and Notifications

added 3/16/2018
updated 1.8.0

Enterprise provides four types of feedback messages, available by combining a contextual class (.alert, .notification, .error, .success) with the base .feedback-message class.

An optional close button can be added via .message-close but please note that no JavaScript is provided for it at this time.

For guidelines on deciding which style to use, please consult the Alerts, Errors & Confirmations page of the Sears Patterns Library.

<div class="feedback-message alert">
  <strong>Hey, listen!</strong> There's something you <a href="#alerts">need to
  do</a> or an error will be triggered!

<div class="feedback-message notification">
  <strong>Please note:</strong> Here is some non-critical information.

<div class="feedback-message error">
  <strong>Uh oh!</strong> You need to correct <a href="#alerts">these errors</a>
  to continue.

<div class="feedback-message success">
  An action has been completed successfully!

<div class="feedback-message success message-close">
  <strong>Success!</strong> This confirmation has a close button.