added 1.4.4

Selector used for a staying-on-the-page action where one or more attributes need to be chosen before continuing (eg. pant size, shirt color, etc.).

Selector 1
Selector 2
Selector 2
<div class="has-selectors">
  <div tabindex="0" class="selector">Selector 1</div>
  <div tabindex="0" class="selector selected">Selector 2</div>
  <div tabindex="0" class="selector disabled">Selector 2</div>
<div class="has-selectors has-background-secondary">
  <button tabindex="0" class="selector">Selector 1</button>
  <button tabindex="0" class="selector selected">Selector 2</button>
  <button tabindex="0" class="selector disabled">Selector 2</button>