Patterns Update – August 28, 2015

Welcome to your Pattern Library

What is the Sears Pattern Library (SPL)?

The Sears Pattern Library is a living library of reusable modules that we know are useful and usable. This site documents our design system and provides resources to build an effective, unified user experience across all platforms and devices providing our members with a Wow experience.

We heard you that you wanted more communication on what is going on with the patterns – what is new, changing, completed. We will be blogging our updates right here on the Pattern Library site so all the information is in one location.

In addition, we are planning a roadshow to meet with individual teams.

What to expect from us

  • Weekly communications on pattern updates and changes
  • Notifications on pattern pages if something is in flight
  • Rapid response to comments left on pattern pages and to questions or comments sent to the Patterns Team email account
  • A team of people able to work with you to solve design problems for which we have no pattern yet

What you will find in the library

  • Currently focused on,, and their mweb sites
  • Quick Guide – access to visual, code snippets, and high level guidelines
  • Pattern Detail Pages – in depth information on each pattern including do’s / don’t, accessibility guidelines, and research
  • Discipline and Brand guides

What patterns we are currently working on

  • Alerts
  • Errors
  • Confirmations
  • Expand/Collapse
  • Recently Viewed (ASAP)
  • Recommendations – Top Sellers (ASAP)
  • (and about 100 more to come!)

What site enhancements are coming next

  • In page navigation which will allow you to quickly jump between sections
  • Collapsible left navigation
  • Breadcrumbs and other site navigation optimization

What do we need from you?

Try to use what we have, provide feedback.

Let us know what pattern you need next. We can prioritize our work to meet the team’s needs.

It’s WordPress, we can make updates on the fly. Patterns are dynamic and this site is, too.

Recent posts will always appear on the home page.

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