Axure update 4.27.16

If you haven’t downloaded the Enterprise Axure Tools in a while, here are the updates for this and the previous version.

Project template Updates:

  • Updates include cleaning up masters and updating the numbering convention.

Widget library Updates:

  • 4/27
    • Added Loading Spinners
  • 2/24
    • Updated star ratings to include half filled for PDP and Product card widgets
    • Mobile – Alerts and Banners, updated color on X button
    • Mobile Layers and Modals – updated secondary button styling
    • Updating Mobile Page Checkout Templates: Cart, Delivery, services, schedule, payment method, order confirmation


Benefits of using both files

  • Make your workflow faster by templatizing pages, cover sheets, and widgets.
  • Consistent way to communicate with our partners
  • Ensures the font Open Sans is displayed to all teammates and user testers


Get both files on the User Experience Architects discipline page on

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