Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Library updates

The following updates have been made to the  Adobe CC Libraries. Update your libraries now! If you forgot how, you can find instructions on the Pattern Library, too.

  • .com UI Elements v 0.0.3 (April 12, 2016)- Primary and Secondary Buttons added, Text Styles updated

  • Kmart Mobile UI Elements v 0.0.1  (April 12, 2016)- Kmart Mobile was divided into its own library due to the different colors and fonts. 

  • Sears Mobile UI Elements v 0.0.2 (April 12, 2016)- Sears Drawer, selectors/dropdowns, iOS navigation, Carousels, Layers with scroll, Tabs

  • Sears Online Brand Library v 0.0.3 (April 12, 2016)- Sears Headers, Coupons and Weekly Add Icons added, Text Style Pairings

  • Kmart Online Brand Library v 0.0.3 (April 12, 2016)- Alternate Logo added, Kmart Headers, and Coupons and Weekly Add Icons added

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