Patterns Update – September 25, 2015

What’s new in the library

Brand news

  • Kmart updates coming soon – new header launching 11/1
  • SYW updates also coming soon. Presentation on new styles will take place Wednesday, Oct 5th (moved from next week) from 1-2 pm in Kevin Beard’s Lounge at 1 N State.

Site enhancements 

  • Left hand navigation styling
  • Button styling throughout
  • Search results pages enchancements

What patterns we are currently working on

  • New secondary buttons and the expand/collapse pattern will be presented next Wednesday in Open Mic
  • Selectors – addressing ADA compliance concerns
  • Left Hand Nav – curated (ASAP)
  • Recently Viewed (ASAP)
  • Recommendations – Top Sellers (ASAP)
  • (and about 100 more to come!)

Site enhancements coming soon

  • Enhanced archive pages
  • Breadcrumb component

What do we need from you?

Try to use what we have, provide feedback.

Let us know what pattern you need next. We can prioritize our work to meet the team’s needs.

It’s WordPress, we can make updates on the fly. Patterns are dynamic and this site is, too.

Recent posts will always appear on the home page.

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