Sharing & Social Elements

Sharing modules give users the ability to share their finds with their social networks. Social Element modules connect users to SHC branded social media properties.

Design Specs

  1. Label text follows our T6 standard. Open Sans, Regular, 13px, #001733.
  2. There should be 20px of padding between the label text and the icon set.

Production Examples


An example of sharing and social icons in the footer of


An example of suggested updated design of sharing and social icons on m.Sears Product Detail Page.

More Production Examples

When Do I Use This?

Social & sharing elements can be used on:

  • Content or product pages that a user might wish to share
  • Category pages, marketing pages, or other locations where we might want to drive awareness and engagement of our social channels

Usage Guidelines

Best practice is to set user expectations of the on click behavior of any social buttons. There are no firm icon styling standards at this time.

1. Social vs. Sharing

When promoting our social properties, use the appropriate copy to indicate that the member is going to an SHC social site, not sharing with their own social network. And vice versa.

An example of correct usage. The text 'connect with us' properly indicates to a user that they will be going to an SHC social site and not sharing content on their own social networks.

An incorrect example with no copy or context for the sharing and social icon. A user has no way of knowing that the sharing and social links will take them or what to expect on click.

The 'Share' text indicates to a user that they will be sharing content on their own social networks.


Sears Social- Live!

Although an old test, it is still relevant since we currently use the "Want It, Like It, Own It" features (on PDP and shop your that confused users during the test. "If I Own it or Want it, doesn’t that also suggest that I Like it...?"

view full study

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