Kmart Brand Guidelines

Kmart is a super-fun place to shop for thrilling deals and amazing finds, with the most happy and helpful people making it happen every day!

Voice and Tone

Brand Tone

We're your fun friend that you can always rely on, and our glass is ALWAYS half full. Our voice is conversational and helpful, but never preachy. We know our members, and we use witty language that they understand. We never sound like a corporation. We always strive for personal connection, and if we can get a giggle out of you along the way- that's even better!
We do:
  • Sound conversational
  • Have a lot of energy
  • Use clever words
  • Convey humor and fun
  • Have a light-hearted tone
  • Speak honestly and directly
  • Take what we do seriously
  • Celebrate the 'K'
We don't:
  • Sound corporate
  • Ever fall flat
  • Condescend or patronize
  • Offend your Grandmother
  • Sound heavy-handed
  • Use confusing terms or jargon
  • Take ourselves seriously
  • Replace 'C' with 'K' in any words

Kmart's long and proud history is encapsulated by one letter- the big K- our logo. It's an immediately recognized American icon. Because of all the value it holds, we're going back to our roots and rallying around it. So guard it. Protect it. Don't mess with it.

Primary Lockup

When using our logo on a red background, the red box becomes the larger background and the K logo remains in white. We use the Pantone color 'Kmart Red' Online we use #cc1414 (see Color Palette)

Primary Logo
Alternate Logo
Secondary Logo

One Color Lockups

When printing in one, two or four colors, reproduce our logo only in Pantone Kmart Red. The black should be used only when color printing is unavailable. The white, only when needed.
One Color Red Logo
One Color Black Logo

Minimum Safety

The area around the signature should be free of competing visual elements.
Primary Logos

Clear space is equivalent to the height of “k” in the word “kmart.”

Secondary Logo

Clear space is equivalent to half the square height of “k” in the word “kmart.”

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility and detail, our logo should appear no smaller than the measurements indicated below.
Primary Logos

Minimum size: 3/8" in height
Secondary Logo

Minimum size: 1/8" in height

Other Logo Guidelines

To preserve the integrity of the Kmart logo, we never alter the approved configurations or deviate from our logo color guidelines. Never use the Kmart logo in the possessive form. Registered trademarks are not included with the Kmart logo.

Do not use our logo without “kmart” underneath the K

Do not tilt or angle our logo in any way

Do not use the old logo with the “mart” script inside the K

Do not combine the iconic K with Kmart lower case logo version

Do not use our logo against a pattern

Do not change our logo colors

Do not place our logo over a complex photographic background

Do not put a photo or graphic inside our logo

Do not distort our logo in any way

Do not change the color of the red box in the logo

Do not use the alternate logo on anything but a white background

Do not place a stroke or add a drop shadow to the logo

Co-Branded Shop Your Way Logos

Logo Lockups

Footer Lockups

Color Palette


Online Only- Primary Colors

Kmart Red


BlueLight Blue

For Large Text* (ADA) and Art:

For Small Text**:



Cool Gray


PMS 431


Online Only- Secondary Colors

PMS 144

For Art Only:

For Large Text*:

For Small Text**:

PMS 375

For Art Only:

For Large Text*:

For Small Text**:


For Art Only:

or background with #333 text



Online Only- Red Colors

Light Red


Medium Red


Dark Red


Extended Color Palette

PMS 267


PMS 2415


PMS 219


PMS 1945


PMS 185


PMS 1665

For Large Font* (ADA) and Art:

For Small Text**:

PMS 7548

For Art Only:

For Text*:

PMS 396

For Art Only:

For Text*:

PMS 368

For Art Only:

For Large Text*:

For Small Text**:

PMS 7481

For Art Only:

For Large Text*:

For Small Text**:

PMS 655


PMS 2945


PMS 306

For Art Only:

For Large Text*:

For Small Text**:

*ADA standards define large text as 14pt bold or larger, or, 18pt regular or larger.
**Small text is defined as 14pt (regular) and smaller. While 9 pt may be ADA compliant, 13 pt is the smallest font to be used.

For more information:



Our photography is always fun and spontaneous. Never posed, it always looks caught in the moment so it’s real and authentic. Subjects reflect our member base of all shapes, sizes and colors. Our happy, joyful brand personality is not stiff or artificial. Images always have energy and personality that's revealed through interesting and quirky touches.

Lifestyle Photography

Brand images are for general Kmart branding and messaging. These images are shot in real environments and have an authentic, caught-in-the-moment feel. Interesting cropping is encouraged. Ultimately, product should always be the hero because, well, that’s what we sell. Be sure to always express the joy, fun and diversity of our Kmart family and members.

Product Photography
Just like in our own day-to-day lives, soft and hard home products need to be shot with a natural feel. Soft products are arranged loosely, but not messy. Hard products feel more dynamic through positioning and lower camera angles. In addition, Everyday products are a part of many beautiful and fun moments in our lives. Let’s treat them like that in our photography. Create emphasis with low or overhead angles, and use interesting arrangements to tell an in-use story. Items look realistic, have energy and an element of surprise when used as a hero.

For more information on Photography Guidelines, view the Kmart Brand Styleguide (PDF).

BlueLight Brand Guidelines

Brand Compliance

Lisa Pires

    Associate Creative Director

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