Capitalization Rules – Copywriting Standards

What is ALL CAPS?
ALL CAPS uses only capital letters.

We use ALL CAPS for

    • State Abbreviations (example: IL)
    • ZIP  (example: “ZIP Code”. “ZIP” is an acronym for “Zone Improvement Plan”)
    • FREE (example: FREE Store Pickup, FREE Shipping, FREE Delivery)

(when part of fulfillment, FREE is ALL CAPS and in red)


What is Lowercase?
Lowercase case uses all lowercase letters, with no capitals.

We use lowercase for

  • Links that expand content (example on PDP: view full description)
  • Links that reveal more information (example: see details)
  • Links that redirect a user (example: shop appliances)


What is Sentence case?
Sentence case uses only one capital letter to begin the phrase or title. All other letters are lowercase.

We use Sentence case for

  • Promotions on ASAP (example: All appliances 60% off)
  • Headlines in promotional modules (example: Customers who bought also bought)


What is Title Case?
Title Case only uses capital letter for the principal words. Articles, conjunctions and prepositions do not get capitalized unless they begin the phrase or title.

We use Title Case for

  • Buttons (example: Add to Cart)
  • Field Input Labels (example: Phone Number)
  • Headers on PDP (example: Feature Highlights)
  • Browse Links (example: Water Heaters or Reviews)
  • Product Names (example: Whirlpool Dishwasher with Target Clean™ Option)
  • Sales Events & Holidays (example: Family & Friends Event)



Brand Name Rules
These are always capitalized, even when they are part of a sentence.

  • Promo: All Kenmore appliances 60% off
  • Label: Kenmore Appliances
  • Text link: shop Kenmore appliances


Category Name Rules
These always follow the case tense rule.

For example:

  • Promo: All appliances 60% off
  • Label: Appliances
  • Text link: shop appliances


Buttons – Title Case

For example:

  • Add to Cart
  • Choose Parts and Services


Text Entry Field Labels – Title Case

For example:

  • First Name
  • ZIP Code (because ALL CAPS rule for the content overrides the context)


Radio buttons – Sentence Case

For example:

  • Leave in box delivery


Text Call to Action (CTA) Rules
CTAs are all lowercase, except for brand names, which should be capitalized.


  • shop now
  • shop sale
  • shop Kenmore
  • shop appliances
  • shop tools
  • shop Craftsman


Headlines – Sentence Case


  • All appliances 60% off
  • with coupon
  • shop sale
  • Up to 50% off
  • ranges and wall ovens
  • plus earn $10 in points
  • shop now


Promo Rules
Only the first letter of each promo should be capitalized and all else should be lowercase, except for brand names, which are always Title Case.


  • Up to 25% off lawn & garden
  • Up to 25% off Kenmore Elite appliances


Category Name Rules
These are lowercase when in the sentence, unless they begin the sentence of the ASAP promo.


  • Appliances up to 50% off
  • Up to 50% off appliances


  1. Chad Cline

    I fixed a typo today.
    Content feedback for the author:
    1) There are 2 sections for “Category Name Rules”
    2) “Headlines – Sentence Case” content seems off. Each “example” bullet is not a headline.

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