Requesting an Icon for the Icon Font

Step 1: Submit a Proposal

If you are interested in proposing an icon to be added to the icon font please contact the Patterns and Standards team with an icon proposal that includes a description of the icon requested, how it would help to improve workflow, and at least three instances of where the icon could be used on the Sears and Kmart websites.


Step 2: Audit

Once the proposal has been submitted, the Patterns and Standards team will review the request. This process includes auditing the three proposed instances and determining if there is an icon already available that will suit the need. While auditing, the Patterns and Standards will consult with various IMX teams to determine whether they have a need for the proposed icon as well.


Step 3: Design

After the Patterns and Standards has determined that there is a need for a new icon, the design phase will begin. This involves looking at the fontastic library to see if there is a pre-designed icon that can be used. If there is not, a designer will be assigned to assist with the creation of the icon.


Step 4: Integrate into Font

Once the icon has been designed, the next step will be preparing it to be released in the next icon font update. All files needed to generate the next font will be passed off to Patrick Lange and a date for the next release will be scheduled.


Step 5: Release

On the day of the release, a new font will be generated. Once generated, all developers will be notified. In addition, the Icon Font page will be updated on the Sears Pattern Library to reflect the new change. Lastly, an email blast will be released indicating the new changes.

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