Enterprise Newsletter Oct 25, 2016


Sears Typography –

  • Please note that Kmart Typography is currently being worked on.



Adobe CC Library:  
no updates at this time

Axure Widget Library:

Name Updated Items Version Link
Project Template
  • Naming convention defined by discipline leads is now present within the file.
  • Removed sample project which added a lot of weight to the file.
  • Requires Axure 8.0
10/19/16 UXA Discipline Guide
Widget Library
  • Overhauled organization and labels to improve findability and consistency.
    • Elements, Sheets, Page Templates, ASAP modules are now the top level categories.
    • Child branches for .com and mobile too.
  • Removed all legacy widgets.
10/19/16 (v2.5) UXA Discipline Guide


CodePens on Pattern Library Pattern Pages

CodePen is a place to create and share code demos, and FED is using it to make individual pattern demos that are interactive and can be embedded on SPL pattern pages.

  • Many pattern pages now have CodePens. For example, the Buttons page: http://searspatternlibrary.com/pattern-detail-pages/buttons/.
  • You can interact with a functional demo of the pattern and also toggle the HTML tab to view code.
  • Important: The code in these modules is copied directly from the current production version of Enterprise. (The Developer Guide might have a more recent – but unreleased – version, and might appear different.) Please read the info in the tooltip in the pens for disclaimers.

Developer Guide – About

The Developer Guide and Pattern Library are two sides of a coin. The Developer Guide reflects the latest Enterprise development efforts. It is generated directly by the enterprise code library – you are seeing the visual output of what powers Enterprise across our (IMX) sites. When a new release is in development, what you find on the Dev Guide may vary from what is on prod. It might be unstable – check with the Enterprise Dev team if you’re a developer and unsure which version to use. Prod will always use the latest stable version.

Developer Guide – New things to check out

  • The version of Enterprise you see on the Dev Guide is noted in section 1. See screenshot.
  • If you want to see a different version of Enterprise – for example, whichever version is being used on prod – simply substitute the version number in place of the word ‘styleguide’ in the URL. See screenshot.
  • The left nav has been updated to more closely match the navigation of the Pattern Library site. Not an exact match, but much more similar.

Process – “How can I can get a pattern updated or created?”

  • Added this information to “Our Process” Page as a response to internal feedback.
  • Sharing this is part of our ongoing efforts to improve communication, transparency, and feedback channels.

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